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Lingo Translation & Training has been specialized in translation for ten years. We are able to choose the best service solution for the customers according to their purposes and requirements.

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More than 500 elites, in which there are engineers, masters, doctors, overseas returnees and foreign senior translators with professional translation experiences.

  Wuxi Lingo Translation company provides services of language. The company was established and approved of The State Administration for Industry and Commerce(SAIC). Under the environment of globalization and commercialization, Lingo-language has devoted to provide high quality translation, escort interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, alternate interpretation for customers around the world. Translation languages covers English, Germany, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc. Lingo-language also provides video translation, dubbing and bilingual host.

  The staff of Wuxi Lingo Translation & Training are in possession of nearly ten years of experiences in the translation industry. We can provide the customers with the best service solution, save the cost and enhance the effect for the customers according to the their usage and requirement. Besides providing the customers with the excellent translation products, we can also offer the convenient and efficient comprehensive services to help the customers stop worrying about the foreign language outsourcing service.

  Wuxi Lingo Translation Co., Ltd has over 500 elite translators. Most of them have many years of professional experience of translation and interpretation. The elite group includes talents from many different industries, such as rich experienced engineers, masters and PhDs, overseas returnees, foreign consecutive interpreters. We set a high test requirement for the translators and carry out the specific training for them. As for the big project manuscripts, we use the technical collaboration software such as Trados to improve the professional uniformity and precision of the overall documents.

Lingo oral English training, deriving from our practical interpretation experiences comes into existence in response to the training requirements of our customers. Lingo Translation & Training is in possession of a number of elite interpreters to provide the learners with the first spot foreign language practicing cases in different industries. We carry out the long-term cooperation with the enterprises in different industries, which helps us understand the requirement for oral English of the customers in different industries and different departments. The learning experiences of each of our excellent interpreters help us understand the common problems and solutions during English learning. We have summarized the practical experiences into the oral English training material, which meets the foreign language training requirement of the businessmen and enterprises.

In this glorious industry of linguistic services, Lingo-language will maintain accurate translation and realize the value in other aspects. Keeping our words and being punctual are virtues of our business, high efficiency and confidentiality are principles of our ways. Our fine services will help you achieve global communication without difficulty.

Lingo’s brand customers

Our brand customers

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